• Disposable
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Battery Powered
  • Sterile
  • Incl 35mm Cone
  • Suction & Irrigation soft tubing
  • High / Low Speed

Solomax Z Pulse Lavage System incl suction & outflow tubing, battery pack, 30mm cone and coaxial tip.


Our Solomax Pulse Lavage System is a fully disposable, battery powered lavage system designed for wound debridement across a variety of surgical applications

The handpiece is lightweight and features a two-speed trigger mechanism for low or high pressure lavage. This Pulse Lavage System has a unique quick release Battery Pack connection for safety.

0925 2500Z-New Battery HQ

Solomax E Pulse Lavage System incl suction & outflow tubing, battery pack and 35mm cone  and the product code SMX-2500-E-DP-ST03-3M

Z PLS DP-2 - Fig 1

Hand Piece
Lightweight, ergonomic designed to reduce grip pressure and enhance control


Trigger Control
Two finger-controlled lavage pressures: -Powerful pulsed lavage pressure (bone cleansing) -Low pressure (wound debridement)


Nozzle Attachment
30mm secure retaining bracket Supplied including 30mm Cone Tip and Coaxial Tube

Z PLS DP-2 - Fig 4

Power Unit
External power unit lowers weight of handpiece to improve control Quick release Battery Pack connection for safety

Technical Specification
DC 12V/AA x 8 cells alkaline battery 3m tube length High speed flow rate up to 1000ml/M Low speed flow rate 700ml/M Pressure up to 15psi

Ordering Information
Battery powered PLS system Including: 2 x 3 tubing (suction & irrigation) 30mm cone Coaxial tip External Battery Pack
SMX-BT04Z Femoral Canal Brush

ST 01Z-1

SMX-ST01Z (included)

CT 02Z-2

SMX-CT02Z (included)

BT 04Z

SMX-BT04Z (not included)