• Disposable
  • Lightweight
  • Sterile / Steam Autoclaveable
  • Powerful
  • Reliable
  • No Repair Costs
  • No Capital Expenditure

The Solomax Ultra2Series Semi-Reusable Power Tools can be re-sterilised using steam autoclave and is powered with either a Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack System or a Power Console

SMX2001-00 (1)

SMX2001-00 Oscillating Saw
Lightweight 720gr Operating Speed 0-14'500 oscillations per minute

SMX2018-00 Drill
Lightweight 870gr Operating Speed 0-1500 rpm Forward and reverse direction

SMX2014-00 (2)

SMX2012-00 Reamer Jacobs Chuck
SMX2014-00 Reamer Zimmer Hudson
Lightweight 715gr Operating Speed 0-500 rpm Forward and reverse direction High torque


SMX2021-00 Charger
AC Input 100V – 220V Auto cut off LED display Weight 360gr

SMX2026-00 (1)

SMX2026-00 Rechargeable Battery
Powerful Lithium-Ion Cell Recharcheable DC 10V Can be fully recharged < 45 minutes Compact and lightweight at only 210gr

SMX2030-00 (1)

SMX2030-00 Battery Kit
Funnel transfer included Weight 80g