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Solomax Z Type Pulse Lavage System

Solomax Z Type Pulse Lavage System

Disposable / Semi-Reusable / Re-Usable:

Solomax Z Type Pulse Lavage System

Ref: SMX-2500-Z-DP-ST01Z-CT02Z
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The Solomax Pulse Lavage Systems are a fully disposable, battery powered Pulse Lavage System designed for wound debridement across a variety of surgical applications.  The handpiece of the Pulse Lavage system is lightweight and features a two-speed trigger mechanism for low-or high-pressure lavage. The Pulse Lavage System is designed to deliver a controlled and pressurized flow of sterile saline solution to cleanse and irrigate wounds and surgical sites.


The Solomax Pulse Lavage System is commonly used in Orthopaedic surgery, trauma care, and wound irrigation. It is especially beneficial in situations where thorough cleansing is crucial, such as in the removal of debris, bacteria, or foreign material. The controlled pressure and pulsatile nature of the saline flow can assist in achieving a more thorough cleansing compared to traditional methods.


    • Adjustable spray speed: High or Low
    • Pressure: <15 PSI
    • Pulse rate: 1500~1700 cycle/min
    • High speed flow rate:1100~1400ml/min (30mm cone tip)
    • High speed flow rate: 1000~1300mil/min (coaxial tip)
    • Low speed flow rate 700ml/min
    • Tube Length 3 meters
    • Batteries: 10.5V / AA Alkaline Batteries x7 cells.
    • High speed power rate: 10.5V / 25W
    • Low speed power rate: 6.0V / 14.5W


The Solomax Z Type Pulse Lavage System is a fully disposable, battery powered system for effective wound irrigation and debridement.

With adequate pressure improves growth of granulation tissue without disrupting underlying normal tissues. Also widely applied on bone bed preparation in Orthopedics  surgery during hip or knee arthroscopy.


  • Efficient Wound Debridement: The Solomax Pulse Lavage System is effective in removing debris and contaminants from wounds, aiding in the wound debridement process.
  • Reduced Infection Risk: Thorough wound irrigation helps reduce the risk of infection by removing bacteria and foreign material from the wound.
  • Enhanced Healing: A clean wound environment promotes better tissue healing and reduces the likelihood of complications.


Optional Accessories 

SMX-BT04Z - Solomax Femoral Canal Brush Tip

SMX-CT02Z - Solomax Coaxial Canal Tip

SMX-CTL02Z - Solomax Coaxial Canal Tip (Long) 

SMX-RT23012Z - Solomax Hip Revision Tip 

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