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Solomax Disposable Oscillating Saw

Solomax Disposable Oscillating Saw

Disposable / Semi-Reusable / Re-Usable:

Solomax Disposable Oscillating Saw

Ref: SMX-SU001
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The Solomax™ Ultra2Series Disposable Oscillating Saw is lightweight in design, allowing for optimal manoeuvrability whilst minimizing wrist fatigue. 

The Solomax ™ Ultra2Series Power Tools have been ergonomically designed to provide surgeons with maximum comfort and controlled clinical experience.  

This includes a linear variable speed trigger that adjusts the blade speed, which allows for more accurate control.

The Oscillating Saw comes in a sterile package, providing the user with the confidence of sterilization and availability when required.


  • 0-14,500 oscillations per min
  • Cutting ARC 4.0 degree
  • Max Power 300W
  • Weight 720 grams (hand piece only)
  • Weight 1010 grams (hand piece with Battery Pack)


  • Powerful and Reliable
  • Ergonomic, Lightweight, Disposable design
  • Sterile packed, ready to use straight out the box
  • Variable Speed Trigger
  • No Repair Costs
  • No Capital Expenditure
  • CE Approved
  • MHRA registered 


Battery Powered: 

  • Solomax Ultra2Series Rechargeable Battery Pack (SMX2026-00)
  • Solomax Ultra2Series Sterile Battery Transfer Kit (SMX2030-00)
  • Solomax Ultra2Series Single Battery Charger (SMX2021-00)

AC Powered: 

  • Solomax Ultra2Series Power Console (SMX2034-00)
  • Solomax Ultra2Series Sterile Power Cable (SMX2038-00)

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