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Solomax Cooling and Warming Therapy

Solomax Cooling and Warming Therapy

Disposable / Semi-Reusable / Re-Usable:

Solomax Cooling and Warming Therapy

Ref: TP-1000
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Introducing a new pain management system that builds on a tried and tested therapy. 

The Solomax Warming and Cooling unit is a lightweight portable unit that is simple to operate, the unit can provide localised heat or cold to all areas of the body, temperatures can easily be controlled and are within therapeutic ranges for both warming and cooling therapy. The unit maintains a consistent temperature for a user operated determined time, the heat or cold is administered via single use TP –pads which are anatomically shaped to suit all types of the body.



  • AC adapter – 100-240V 50/60Hz//DC output
  • 54°F/64°F (12°C/18°C) – two stage adjustment for cooling
  • 100 °F/ 107 °F (38°C / 42°C)- two stage adjustment for warming
  • Continuous/ 15 min/30 Min – three stage timer setting
  • Electric Cooling System – Ice-less technology
  • None Freon coolant and compressor
  • Dimensions: 200 (L) X 160 (W) x 140 (H)mm


  • Reduces pain
  • Increases blood flow
  • Improves nerve conduction
  • Increases local metabolism
  • Improves function


  • Light weight portable and compact size
  • Simple to operate
  • Maintains a consistent temperature
  • Single use pads for all body areas
  • Cost effective


TP Pads: 

  • TP-10 Lower Face Pad 
  • TP-12 Eye Pad
  • TP-13 Knee Pad
  • TP-14 Ankle Pad
  • TP-15 Round Pad
  • TP-19 Small Surface Pad
  • TP-20 Long Surface Pad 
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